SEO Checklist : 18 Insider Tips to Increase Your Website Rankings

Search engine optimization a.k.a. SEO, is imperative for any business to grow online. What was formally spoken of in passing by even established website owners with a huff and quickly followed by a “we don’t bother with that” is no longer optional. Over the years we’ve all heard phrases like “if you build it, they will

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13 Ways a Facebook Fan Page is Killing your Companies Online Growth

Using a Facebook Fan page for your business’s website? Well, nearly a decade ago almost every single business would advertise on commercials how you can find their Facebook fan page and follow all their updates, that ship sailed years ago along with cargo pants and Avril Lavigne’s popularity. What is the reason for that you

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Bad Web Designers are Crushing your Business. Here is what to look for.

Recently I’ve had numerous business owners tell me “no thank you, we have a web designer” after I gave them a laundry list of errors that are crippling their business online. Ironically, these errors were created and left by the same bad web designers they plan to rehire to fix them. Now one could ask

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Everything You Need to Know About Google's New Gallery Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s New Gallery Ads

Quick question: Between the Google Search network and the Google Display network, which of them allows you to build your brand or promote your business with compelling visual imagery? Your answer is likely to be the Google Display Network and rightly so because the Display Network is usually seen as the hub of visual-based advertising

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